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Brilee Music

BriLee Music was formed in August, 1996, with its first group of 40 publications in print and ready to market by the end of January, 1997. The goal was to provide quality choral music for the Junior High/Middle School and Elementary School ensemble. Since that time BriLee Music has continued to produce between 40 and 50 works for each school year. The impact of BriLee Music on the educational print music industry was strong and immediate. Junior High and Middle School teachers discovered that BriLee Music was publishing for their choral ensembles with their specific vocal problems in mind.

  1. Battle Above the Clouds
  2. Whup! Jamboree
  3. When I was 1 and 20
  4. What Child is This
  5. My Land
  6. Hava Hallelujah
  7. Let There Be Song
  8. Strike It Up Neighbor
  9. In Stiller Nacht
  10. Bell Festino
  11. Oh Sing, We Joyfully Sing!
  12. Rock-a My Soul
  13. I Want Two Wings
  14. Now Ready the Hall
  15. The Silence and the Song
  16. Ride the Gospel Train
  17. Go Tell It On the Mountain