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Carl Fischer New School Concert

Carl Fischer Music looks back with pride with over 132 years of distinguished history as one of the few remaining family owned music publishers. The company looks forward to the challenges posed by changing technologies and tastes of consumers worldwide. Throughout the years, Carl Fischer Music has educated and inspired individuals to study and perform music though its new, innovative products as well as its solid back catalog. If you are a musician, there is a good chance that you have used Carl Fischer publications.

  1. Come and Dance, My Friend
  2. Scenda Amor
  3. I Behold Your Beauty
  4. Gaudeamus Hodie
  5. Railroad
  6. Grandfather's Clock
  7. Come to Me in the Silence of the Night
  8. Appalachian Celebration
  9. Taps
  10. Song of the Silver Swan
  11. Eliyahu Hanavi
  12. Let's Go to Jamaica
  13. Adir Hu
  14. Sing We Fa La La
  15. Mother Goose Madrigals
  16. Mother Goose Madrigals
  17. Mother Goose Madrigals
  18. Mother Goose Madrigals
  19. Mother Goose Madrigals
  20. Who I am
  21. Love Song
  22. Funiculi, Funicula
  23. Loch Lomond
  24. God is Alive at Bethlehem!